Five Ways Conference Calling Can Save a Business Money

In these days of recession it is becoming more and more difficult to find ways to save money, including individuals and businesses of all types. Products are getting more expensive which means labor costs are going up too, and in the end, businesses often find themselves making much less profit than they once did. This can lead to an unstoppable downward spiral that many businesses find themselves unable to get out of.

This is why it is even more important today than ever to research and find ways to save your business money. Many businesses will simply chalk up the loss of profit to the suffering economy and not actively participate in correcting the problem for their own business. Do not let this be you because there are so many ways to save, including conference calling services, which can save you money in five different ways.

1. Many Conferencing Programs Are Free – There is no better way to save money than to not spend it at all. Fortunately for you and your business there are many free conference calling programs available online, and they are just as good of quality as the ones you would pay for. With a free conference calling program you are saving money for your business by not even having to pay for the program to begin with.

2. Less Traveling for Yourself and Associates – With a good conference calling program you and your associates will have to travel much less which will save you a considerable amount of money. If you have associates travel from city to city to do business, you may want to consider having them meet with some of the individuals in those cities through conferencing. Imagine how much money your business will save when you are not paying for so many plane tickets anymore.

3. Conduct Meetings Without Having to Go to the Office – Gas is expensive these days. So it makes much more sense to hold meetings over a conference call rather than driving across town to meet someone. Whether you need to have a meeting with an associate or colleague that is at home, a meeting with your attorney, or a discussion with another business owner, you will save gas by meeting then in a conference call. And this means you will save money too.

4. Less Likely to Miss Out on Business Deals – Business deals take place all the time, and business deals are lost just as often. You can be anywhere at any time to make a decision with a conference calling program and when you make deals, you make money as well.

5. Opportunity for More Frequent Review of Associates – Having well-trained associates is an important aspect of money making as well. You should not underestimate the power of a great associate, and conference calling can help you get them there. You will have more opportunities to review your employees if you do it through conference calls. So you can be sure they always know what they need to make your business money.

There are so many ways to increase your bottom line by decreasing your scheduled time with conference calling. A simple-to-use, free program may be what you really need to make your business the money you have always dreamed of.

Blog Profits – How to Turn Your Blog Into a Home Business Money-Maker

Hundreds of thousands of new blogs are created every day, and many people who blog want to turn their blog into a profitable home business. Unfortunately many of those blogs are doomed because of a lack of planning.

You can turn YOUR new blog into a money-maker.

Just follow these five steps. Notice that you need to complete four of these steps before you start blogging, so follow the steps in the order in which they’re given.

Here are the five steps to blog profits:

1. Decide what you’ll sell from your blog

To generate profits, your blog must make sales. Nothing happens until you sell something, so choose a profit center first.

You can choose: to sell advertising from your blog; to sell a product or many products; or to sell services – your own services, or those of others.

Selling advertising is a common and successful method of generating profits. To sell advertising however, you need content – the more content on your blog, the better. So if you choose advertising sales as a profit center, be aware that although your profits may be slow in coming, they’ll constantly increase as long as you keep adding content.

When you sell products from your blog, your profits will flow much more quickly. However, you do need to focus on sales, as well as on content.

If you choose selling services, make a list of the services you and/ or others will be offering from the blog.

2. How will you get traffic? Do you have some startup capital?

A couple of years ago you could rely on RSS almost completely to get traffic to your new blog. Those days however are long gone.

Make a list of ways you’ll get traffic. If you have some startup capital, write down which methods of paid advertising you’ll use, and when.

3. Plan your content – this is vital

Your next step is to plan your blog’s content. Don’t omit this step. Most bloggers stop blogging because they run out of things to say.

So write down your topics, and make a list of five to ten blog post titles for each topic. Your topics will become categories on your blog.

4. Schedule content creation and marketing into your day

If you want to turn your blog into a profitable home business, you’ll need to blog every day.

When will you blog? Early in the morning, or late at night? Schedule at least an hour a day to work with your blog. During this time, you’ll create content, and will market the blog. Schedule the hour into your day, and keep to your schedule.

5. Review your progress

Blogs grow organically. If your blog sells advertising, you’ll need to add more content than you will if you’re selling products or services from your blog.

Use a statistics package on your blog (Google provides free Google Analytics), and review your statistics once a week. Your traffic will grow as your blog marketing methods start to work for you.

Once you have traffic, it’s time to ensure that your traffic gives you a return on investment, so watch your traffic carefully, and assess whether you’re getting the profits you want from your home business.

Good luck with your blog: by following the five steps we outlined above, you’ll be able to turn your blog into a home business money-maker.

Discover the secrets to making money blogging with Angela Booth’s blogging bestseller, “Blogging for Dollars” at [] This ebook package gives you everything you need to build a highly successful blog.

The Benefits of Business Money Market Accounts

Business money market accounts are investment tools that give companies easy access to their funds while offering a very reasonable rate of return. But this is not the only benefit of taking this investing route. Let’s look at a few others:

Tiered Account Rates – Many banks offer the benefit of tiered account rates, which means the more cash you place in your account, the higher your interest rate will be. So as you add to your balance, you will be able to take advantage of a higher rate of return.

Liquidity/Check-Writing Privileges – Another benefit of using business money market accounts as one of your company’s investment tools is taking advantage of a liquid account. You will likely always have access to your funds, which would be available through your check-writing privileges.

No Minimum Transaction Amount – As a promotional tool, most financial institutions require no minimum transaction amount for your account. This definitely helps in cutting down your fees, making investing that much easier.

The above benefits are good reasons to take on an account for your company. But before you dive in, be sure to consider the following:

• Possible limitations. There may be some limitations on the number of transactions you can make a month with some business money market accounts. For instance, you may not be able to make over 6 withdrawals without being penalized.

• Fees/Minimum amount required. Some institutions may implement a minimum amount that is required to remain in your account at all times. For many, this amount is $5,000. If you fall below it, you may be accessed a monthly service fee.

With many other investment tools available for companies, business money market accounts are just one of the ways you can gain returns on your funds. But because they are so liquid and offer many of the privileges of a bank account, you can benefit well from making this one of the ways you choose to invest for your company.

Five Ways To Test Your Home Business Money Maker

Let’s face it. We’re all out there to find ways to make our lives easier and unfortunately, money seems to be the answer. I have searched high and low for this fountain of wealth and I have found one of the best ways to bring home the bacon with minimal work. The plan I purchased gave me step by step, easy to follow instructions with places to stop and rescan the information if I needed to.

After finally finding the right plan for myself, I stepped back and took a good look at how much money and time I had spent beforehand. It amounted to approximately $5,000.00. Five thousand dollars out of my family’s pocket. How could I have been so stupid? So, I stepped back and took a look at the reasons I chose the system I was now working with and why was I now successful. I came up with five definite reasons.

Now, let me tell you something about myself. I am a middle-aged mother of two, ages 21 and 18. I have a hard working husband who has no clue we are out $5,000.00. Because of health issues, I am now a retired public schoolteacher. What this information should tell you is that I still have school age children. College of course. Hardworking husband means he doesn’t earn his money easily. And, I am unable to work at my chosen profession because of health problems. Final point… I am not rich and I am not stupid.

So, before we go any further or worse, you spend any more money, let me take you through the five steps to finding a plan that brings money into your home, not out of it.

1) While looking at a plan that looks interesting to you, scroll to the bottom and check if it is a money back guaranteed program. If not, go to another program. If yes, continue to check out the program.
This is the easiest way to quickly check out the seller.

2) If the plan almost immediately states they are being flooded with responses and they will be unable to fill your order if… blah blah blah blah blah……go on to the next program.

3) If the plan goes on and on for pages and pages of saying the exact same thing, go on to another program. If they can’t get straight to the point, then how will they teach you anything? Too confusing.

4) I like to scroll straight to the bottom to see if there is a ‘contact’ cite. If there isn’t, then they don’t want to be bothered with you should you have questions before buying, go to another program.

5) And, do your research. Make sure everything you are buying is beneficial to you. Check for extra payments, more obligations, and what programs are needed on your computer before you even use the program before signing on.

I wish you much luck bringing money into your home. I hope this information has been helpful to you.

Losing Home Business Money Making Ideas

It is all about putting the brain to work, get alert to the times, and look around; start wanting to help someone else and you will begin to help yourself.

In the fifties the raising of children was not as costly as today where having to pay for day care is concerned. It was like a community effort for parents to look out for each other children, grandmothers were not rushing out to work as they do today, they were comfortable to raise their second generation, they were loved and respected for doing so, families lived in harmony, and the world seemed to have been a better place then.

Servitude paid off well, doing the nanny job, grandparents had the opportunity to make some valuable input into the lives of their grand children many of whom turned out to be good contributions to society, like for instance, “The President Obama,” and needless to mention the many others who can attest to that fact.

If you have the facilities, here is a good idea to start a daycare business in your home. Get the required certificate and get started, this requires little or no training at all. Make sure your environment is safe for young children; step up all the safety measures around your house, pay attention to your play area, and select safe toys for indoor and outdoor play. Alert your neighborhood of what you are doing by dropping flyer, place news paper ad, tell family and friends by email or word of mouth and see what happens, it is a necessary service.

If you ever happen to have a sewing machine that is workable, and you know how to stitch, do not lock it up like a souvenir, take it out and begin mending everything you need to mend for yourself, especially if you laid them away for sometime because they needed a button or two, fix them draw your friends and neighbors attention to what you have done for yourself and how handy they become, looking as new; you have just altered some pieces of garments which would have cost you a few dollars to fix giving them out. It is called “Alteration,” a very demanding service today. This service may soon be directed to China to be done if we in North America do not pay attention to these valuable skills which we are neglecting.

Replacing zippers and buttons: Doing these things have become things of the past, especially for the younger generation. The average young person does not know how to use a needle and thread to tack a button or make an hem today, I suppose it is no fault of theirs; It could be one of several reasons like, not been taught, it is not a desired skill, or they choose not to know how. However, someone who knows the value of thread and needle, how to use a pair of scissors and can operate a sewing machine may soon notice the opportunity in this area, and, in a little corner place could begin the service of “alteration,” just next door. If you know this skill, try to capitalize on it right from the comfort of your home.

Lucilda Evans; Entrepreneur, creative and self motivated; for more information on home based business visit my website at:

My writing is intended to be motivational, thought provoking, to inspire the average person who may read my article to tap into their own ability resources, and find the hidden treasures in themselves. I am driven by creativity, I enjoy learning by observations, I am motivated from within. The websites listed here are the works of my own hands the contents are my original work, as well as the editorials. Thank you for reading.

Offline Businesses – How Online Advertising Saves Offline Businesses Money

Offline businesses, especially small offline businesses, have long sought effective advertising vehicles they can include in their marketing mix without breaking the bank. And while some services, such as film separations for color printing and the need to purchase typesetting, have been eliminated as advertising agencies moved to full computerization, most mass-audience media has stayed out of the financial reach of small businesses. And even the biggest multi-national corporations usually produce more good advertising ideas than their budget will allow, leaving some great ideas relegated to the round filing cabinet.

Well, educated offline businesses can now rejoice, thanks to the internet technologies of today. Those technologies have brought the mass audience within the range of ALL offline businesses. Business blogs, for example, can be utilized by anyone with a computer and Internet access – no additional software is required and hosting can be had for free. Even taking their blogs to the upper echelons online requires only a few hundred dollars year for their custom domain name and business blogs hosting. If you can type, you can blog.

Other powerful marketing techniques can also be employed for far less online. Radio and TV too expensive for small offline businesses? Replace radio ads with podcasts – audio articles or commercials recorded directly on your computer, then uploaded to your web hosting. From free programs like Audacity to fully-featured professional but inexpensive software like SoundForge or Acid Music Studio, the technology you need to turn any computer into your own recording and editing studio is easy to find and easy to learn.

Have great ideas for TV commercials or short documentaries to boost your bottom line, but can’t afford what some offline businesses pay for production and airtime? Learn to use Sony Vegas, Corel Video Studio Pro or similar software and you can be producing powerful spots whenever you have some downtime – with or without a digital video camera! Best of all, you can upload your videos to the video sharing sites like YouTube and Viddler for free, giving you access to a potentially huge audience already geared to video advertising!

Until the current technologies and the evolution of today’s Internet, such advertising vehicles were out of reach of most small offline businesses, and limited in scope for major corporations trying to operate within strict budget limitations. Just these three marketing techniques alone can merge into a very powerful marketing mix, yet implementing all 3 is possible while keeping the out-of-pocket costs under a thousand dollars.

All of which adds up to saving offline businesses thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per year – and that’s before we even touch on article marketing, social networking, e-mail marketing and all the other marketing tools employed by Internet marketers every day to boost sales and brand themselves worldwide. Isn’t it time your offline businesses started saving money every month by making self-driven online advertising a bigger part of your overall marketing strategies?

Having gone from newspaper advertising manager to founding and operating 2 full-service advertising agencies, Doug Champigny had already mastered the world of offline marketing before turning his attention to online marketing full-time. Now, over a decade later, marketing mentor and speaker Doug Champigny is a world-famous marketer with a major online presence who often appears live onstage at marketing seminars, conferences, conventions and workshops around North America. For more help promoting your business online.

Using Motorola’s Product Depth to Save Your Business Money (And Look Cool While Doing It)

Though I’ve probably never met you, I bet I can tell you three things about yourself. I know you love to increase your money, that your business loves to save its money, and that you like cool technology. So for those of you who have read this article before it was updated, sit tight and bear through my “money is like food” speech again real quick and we’ll get to the good stuff…

To a business, money is like food; enabling it to grow and mature. You want to make sure you keep feeding your business while opening up new sources of revenue and sealing off points where you’re bleeding and losing money. That’s exactly what this article is intended to do; find a couple of points where you may be losing money and sealing them off.

Know Your Surroundings

Motorola’s product depth is fairly deep and choc full of some cool gizmos. While they’ve built their reputation on two-way radios, their catalog includes other things such as wireless internet, remote location bridges, and handheld computers.

Motorola Canopy:

Motorola canopy is an item you may be interested if you’re thinking about adding a remote location to your network. The traditional way to do this is through something like a T1 line ran between the two buildings. A common complaint with this a T1 line is its cost.

Lines have to be dug and ran between both locations. Then, someone else takes ownership of the line, resulting in at least a $300-$400 per month charge. If this sounds like your business, we’ve just identified a bleeding point and need to seal this off fast. So, how can we?

Canopy enables you to extend your network wirelessly to remote locations. The connection is secure, reliable, and easy to set up. What used to take days can now be done in a few hours. Best of all, once you purchase Canopy, you own the system link. This means you can get rid of the expensive monthly charges. For this reason, Canopy typically pays for itself in about a year.

The Motorola “Q”

The Motorola “Q” is one of the coolest devices to come out in a long time. It’s also probably one of the most useful. The “Q” is a new mobile phone/device that doubles as a web browser and has a full keypad.

By my description, you would expect another bulky device. However, Motorola has made the “Q” the smallest of the next generation “smart phones”. It’s got style to match its light weight, with a sleek chrome trim. It supports both BlueTooth Technology and Windows Mobile 5.0, so you can browse the web from virtually anywhere.

If you’re the busy business type that’s always on the go, it may be worth your while to visit Motorla’s official Q site: Even if you’re not, its still cool looking. Devices like this allow you to save time and money since you don’t have to constantly run to your office to conduct business.

The best to way to find new products is to see for yourself

Motorola has all of their products available for viewing online, however most people just don’t know where to look. Here are two websites to visit if you’re interested in finding a couple more items that may help out your business or organization: Here, you can browse various wirless devices for businesses and government agencies. Also, be sure to visit for consumer products and mobile phones.

Do you need two way radios? Do you have a question about two way radios because they can be so *&%$-ing confusing and have no idea who to turn to for free information and help?

Eric O’Connor is a professional communications consultant for Delmarva Communications, an authorized Motorola Two Way Radio Dealer and Service Center.

How Can CRM Save Your Business Money?

No business likes to feel as though they are wasting money, but that is exactly what many are doing day in day out by using ineffective and inefficient business practices. To try to counteract this some businesses choose to use the services of an expensive business analyst to show them where they are going wrong. In all fairness this is a method that really is more trouble than it is worth (and it usually does cost quite a lot) when all that many businesses need is a good CRM (customer relationship management) solution. So just how can CRM save your business and money?

CRM can put an end to poor working practices that waste time – any business owner knows the old adage that “Time is money” and it is true. Who wants to have their employees wasting time each day using old and ineffective methods to log customer contacts and creates new customer profile. When you use CRM updating, taking and creating customer contacts and customer information profiles is a breeze.

CRM can help a business to virtually eliminate any misplaced invoices – the number of businesses who have misplaced or lost invoices is staggering. For every misplaced or lost invoice that is floating round unnoticed in a computer system a business is losing money. Using CRM means that all outstanding invoices are flagged for chasing immediately so that the debt collection department can decide what to do with them, no more outstanding money sitting in invoices.

CRM can increase customer confidence which can then lead to increased profits – having customers that will come back to your business time and time again is like a dream come true. In fact knowing that your customers will always turn to you because of your outstanding customer relationship management is like having a blank cheque from them. In these times where customer loyalty is crucial CRM can help a business to secure customers and keep them – long-term.

CRM can enable a business to do away with many unwanted software programs – this means that money can be saved on various software licenses. Some businesses have to pay amazing amounts of money each year to keep up their licenses for various software programs, using one CRM program means only one license has to be paid for each year. The money that can be saved from this can be put to good use elsewhere in the business and can generate more income.

CRM can help a business plan targeted marketing campaigns- by using some of the analytical tools on a good CRM program a business can save money by creating targeted marketing campaigns. Marketing can cost a small fortune, especially if it does not generate the kind of income it was expected to. Creating targeted marketing campaigns can vastly increased sales and can put down on wasted marketing revenue.

As shown CRM can save your business money in a whole variety of different ways – so why not give it a try and see your profits soar.

Refurbished Telecom Equipment Saves Your Business Money

Whether your business is just starting out or has been established for quite some time, chances are you’re interested in finding out ways you can save your business money. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and even seasoned business owners might think there are few ways to save money in today’s economy, but in reality there are many ways businesses can save money and make their dollars stretch even more.

One of the ways you can save your business money is to purchase refurbished telecom equipment. Every business can stand to save money on telecom equipment, but saving money on telecom equipment is especially smart for businesses with several employees as there are more employees using the telephones and therefore more need for telecom equipment.

Understand the Meaning of “Refurbished”

Not everyone is keen to purchase refurbished electronics like refurbished telecom equipment, and a lot of this hesitation comes from a lack of understanding. Many people believe items that are refurbished are defective, and this simply isn’t the case.

When you see a refurbished electronic for sale, it means the customer who originally purchased the item returned it to the store or manufacturer because:

The customer decided he or she simply didn’t want the item. If you’ve ever returned an item, you know the reasons for this can vary from realizing you’ve purchased the wrong product to deciding you want a different color.
The customer found there was an issue with the way the item functioned. Generally, these issues are minor and the customer simply returns the item in order to exchange it for a new one.

When manufacturers receive returned items, they obviously can’t put them back on the shelves until they’ve made sure the item is working properly – this includes items that were returned for reasons such as the customer changed his or her mind. The manufacturers will inspect the item, make any repairs necessary to have the item properly functioning again, and then resell the item.

Because they can’t resell the items as “new” – even if the item was returned merely because the customer changed his or her mind – they resell them as “refurbished” at a much lower cost, so, buying refurbished electronics helps save businesses money!

Using Refurbished Telephones in Your Business

Used and refurbished telephones can provide your business with dependable telecom solutions as well as save your business money.

Certain refurbished telecom equipment, such as certain used Nortel phone systems, offer multiple lines and an a wide range of features such as built-in hands-free communications. Other kinds of refurbished telecom equipment, like used Norstar phone systems, provide features such as access to multiple memory buttons, many of which include multi-segment icons.

Don’t Forget the Refurbished Telecom Cards!

You can find refurbished telecom cards, such as refurbished Nortel equipment, that serve a variety of purposes for businesses. Businesses can find refurbished telecom cards such as digital line cards that facilitate digital sets and allow them to communicate with the phone switch as well as analog line cards that function in the same ways with analog phones and devices such as polycom conference phones and modem-line and fax machines.

Do You Have Any of These Business Money Behaviours?

For everyone, dealing with money can be challenging and sometimes well… tiring. In terms of business, many entrepreneur’s (creative and otherwise) feel that business money matters are practically insurmountable and they will never be able to understand what they need to know and what is the most important for their business.

What Exactly is the Problem?

From working with many entrepreneurs – there are 2 overwhelming problems that come up regularly, regarding handling business money and dealing with finances:

1. Confusion

2. Indifference

This situation is often due to:

• Limited knowledge about what managing money in their business really means

• Lack of clarity as to how to move forward in order to work with their business money

Knowing that you have a problem with your handling your business money is not always apparent and it can take some real observation of your behaviour to uncover if you really have any challenges.

Here are some indicators that your enterprise money management might not be where it should:

you ignore your bookkeeping and/or you don’t understand it
you never look at your bank account balance
your business bills are accumulating
you are unsure how to manage cash
you don’t know how to collect from clients/customers
you don’t have proper budgeting in place
you ignore your business mail
you are transferring your own money in the business
you are not taking a salary or reasonable salary for yourself
you don’t have a good set of financial statements
you don’t understand business financials
you don’t track numbers on a monthly basis
you don’t review your business numbers on a regular basis
you avoid or don’t have monthly or quarterly money goals
you can’t honestly create proof that verifies if your business is viable

Well what did you discover about yourself with your business money?

While this list is not intended to scare or frighten you – it is designed to get you thinking and make you aware of what is causing your problems and know that it will continue to do so until you fix it!

You need to start thinking about what your priorities are, where you are and where you likely should be.

You see, what you likely are lacking is…

To understand enough about your business money, so that it’s meaningful, but not so it becomes overly complex.
Have an attitude shift and knowing a few key strategies – you will find that it isn’t boring at all. Logically, how could it be – ITS ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS & FUTURE!
To feel and see the “money puzzle” fit together and that it all makes sense TO YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.

Taking the necessary steps to improve your relationship with your business money will give you renewed strength and stimulate greater and better creativity in your business. You will never be the same…